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islam death rites

Posted by montague_eloise on 2006.05.09 at 16:52
Key points

  • since El did not die a martyr, she will be buried in a white shroud, cleansed in scented water before funeral rites by her "family."

  • funeral prayers are conducted outside, toward the deceased with the imam's back to the crowd

  • only men can carry the body to the burial site.  laid on right side facing Mecca, no marker, flowers or tombstones are used.

  • 3-day mourning period after rites.  no decorative jewlery or clothing, increased devotions and condolences.

  • all of El's inheritance goes to her closest relative or someone closest in proximity to her (usually a male).

    • "The relatives of the deceased must hasten in paying back any debts from whatever wealth he or she has left behind, even if it means that all of their wealth will be exhausted."


Example will of Muslim w/ typical requests for funeral and inheritance rites

i think you have to possess occult 3 or something along those lines to know this information. so if you dont know it, dont worry, or feel free to ask someone who would know it.

oh, btw...things on El's body: her knife, all the silver bullets she was shot with (i guess that includes the ones she died with, too), her wind egg shell and bracelet. her gun was in shiro's bag.
other stuff in her room in the cabin: lots of notes in coptic and arabic, books (some from Lilly), shiro's star chart gift, old-fashioned quill and inkwell, survival gear, simple mat facing east, a white and a black shroud...(that's all i can think of right now, let know if i think of anything else).



Posted by cair_anam on 2006.05.08 at 11:19
Exciting session! Here is the recap of the dramatic final battle for El.

The final days of a warriorCollapse )
And we left off just before the funeral for our departed comrade.

We hope to have the next session the 1st of June. How does that sound to everyone?


Give a little, get a little...

Posted by zenmasticate on 2006.05.03 at 19:45
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Friends, Saturday was pretty frickin' fun for me and, I hope, for you. In the spirit of fairness (again, honor-code XP):

If you were on time: 1 experience.
If you accomplished a character goal: 1 experience.
If you developed a better understanding of your character as a person: 1 experience.
Then take one experience for each hour you were present, engaged, and involved in game. (1-17)
If you were not present, engaged, or involved for the whole time..then take what you feel you deserve.

So...0-20 XP this session. Questions are welcome. If you are buying anything, run it by me first---'cause if you all get experience, so do my NPCs. And not just the good ones...

It looks like Aaron will not be able to game this Saturday. Meredith is still checking to see if she can. Both feel that we should game regardless of if they can make it. So I'll respect their wishes and we'll game.

I can game all day Saturday. I can provide food and a space here in Columbus. I can potentially provide a place to crash if people aren't comfortable driving back. Parking can be a problem, but there's nothing we can do about that at this time.

For those of you who need directions: I live at the corner of Neil and 10th Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. My zip code is 43201.


Yes. I know I'm insane

Posted by cair_anam on 2006.05.01 at 11:31
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But Mel needs closure damnit!!!

So, the question is Can people game saturday in Columbus? Michael is on call but is happy to host. This would give Mel a chance to get closure with El and give the rest of us a chance to GAME!

All the Ohio people could probably car pool with each other (since Wooster is sort of on the way to Columbus for you Meredith) and I can meet the rest of you out there.

So uh... what does everyone think?


And the colored grrrl sings..

Posted by zenmasticate on 2006.04.28 at 15:30
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Game--Karl's place. 10AM. Be there. Be prepared. I have a lot to go through.

If I had you a piece of paper in game, read it and keep it to yourself. There's plenty of time to share later or in-character ;-)

If you have questions about a piece of paper I hand you in game, write down the question and I'll answer it ;)


Faceless Bussiness Man


Posted by zenmasticate on 2006.04.26 at 14:00
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Cara has graciously agreed to drive to Wooster this weekend to game. She will be arriving Friday night and going all day long, all day strong Saturday until she needs to leave in the early evening.

I will be arriving in Wooster at 9:00AM on Saturday(or as close to that as I can reasonably make it, given I'm hosting a friend's 21st birthday party Friday). I assume we are gaming on campus, since there has been no discussion of gaming elsewhere. As soon as I arrive, I'm ready to fend of questions and get things prepared. Karl, Mel, I'll be online Thursday night. If you could also be online, that would be great. Otherwise, I'll be around most of Friday afternoon as well.

Game will start as soon as Mel is finished with her competition and showered. I don't know when that is, but I wanted to be there early so Cara gets as much bang for her buck. Just a warning: lots of things are going to happen this session, some good, some bad...all depends on you. It's not often I get to deal with the after affects of a pack of werewolves frenzying at dawn in a well-to-do suburb of Atlanta...ahh, the Delirium...

Mel! Any idea on when you're going to be ready to go?

I'll try and bring snacks or cash to throw down. Coffee lovers, plan ahead! ;-)

Faceless Bussiness Man


Posted by zenmasticate on 2006.04.21 at 11:00
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It is my intention to game next weekend. I am in the possition to game anywhere: Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Wooster. I am also in the position to do quests with Karl and Mel before hand either online or in-person. If I need to wake up at 3AM to game with you all...I'm gonna do it.

Since I'm not a good dictator, let's work this out collaboratively.

Mel, what time is your event? How long is it for? And are you going to be in a possition to game afterwards? What's the break down in hours that you can commit to? How feasible is it for you to game in Wooster? In Pitt?

Cara, how feasible is it for you to game in Wooster? In Pitt? Is there a gaming space and parking? Is your dad going to complicate matters?

Everyone: Can you play in Wooster? In Pitt? I can game all day and all night Saturday. On Sunday afternoon (4ish), I will need to be in Wooster for Missy's art IS. Otherwise, I'm prepared to DM as long as you're prepared to game.

The 29th and 30th, let's rock out...



Posted by cair_anam on 2006.04.20 at 14:48
Current Mood: apologetic
Thanks to the mess of my car I'm not going to be able to come out and game next weekend - instead I have to go buy a car with the help of my dad who will be in town that weekend.

Since I'm sort of bailing at the last minute (REALLY SORRY), please feel free to game without me. Michael I can send you Nicole's stuff if you want to NPC her.

Sorry again guys

the girls!
Posted by gorillamel on 2006.04.20 at 12:43
hi guys
i was just wondering...we are gaming on the weekend of april 28/29? if so, where will we be gaming? i'd really prefer it to be here in wooster b/c i have a triathlon on saturday morning that i will be in (dont worry, it will end before gaming starts, hopefully). ok, so yeah. oh, michael, we need to finish my quest sometime. maybe you could come a little earlier or something (if that works for you) on sat. just lemme know. thanks.



Posted by zenmasticate on 2006.04.11 at 10:00
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So we can't go this weekend (Easter) and next weekend, Aaron isn't back until Sunday and Cara can't play on a Sunday. What about the 29/30th? I can do it then as well. Actually, I can probably travel that weekend to anywhere. I'm on call the 1st-8th...and I have a wedding memorial day weekend. Otherwise, my weekends are currently open.

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