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Posted by mere313 on 2006.10.19 at 14:50


sciron666 at 2006-10-20 01:14 (UTC) (Link)
I'm fine with all of these things. I should know tomorrow if the conference is a go for me. Since I'm on-call I'm not allowed to leave Wooster so I'm waiting for the OK from my director.

My biggest concern is the fact that it will be Homecoming. I know that Nia will be down and was interested in going to the football game. The other thing is Bissman is going to be rockin' hardcore so if it were possible I'd like to game someplace where we won't be interrupted by fire alarms every five minutes. Could we do like one of the days at my place and maybe the other day at Aaron's after he's off work? If not we can do both at my place and deal with alarms as they come =)
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